Who We Are

Who we are | P2M

Sustainable Fish Farming

Pisciculture Marine de Malte Ltd started operations in Malta in 1990 shortly after the National Aquaculture Centre was set up with the scope of attracting this new industry to Malta. In fact, the company was the pioneer of private fish-farming in Malta.

Today, Pisciculture Marine de Malte Ltd, often referred to as P2M, is Malta’s leading aquaculture producer and is based in St Paul’s Bay, Mellieha and Imġiebaħ, in the northern part of the island. Over the past 25 years, P2M has proved that sustainable fish farming can work and it is proud of its achievements, producing on average 1200 tons of high quality fish to the European market. The company currently employs 40 persons and indirectly employs a further 20.